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Why Adaptiq.

We help companies and their leaders to grab opportunities and extend their operations, we help to find and onboard the talents that move business up.

We have more than 10 years of experience and proven track-records of building lasting relationships with clients, scaling operational efficiency and human-touch management.

Adaptiq is about facing a constantly changing IT world, adapting to the market and clients needs.
Adaptiq is about talented people who have ambitions, drive and who are curious.
Adaptiq is about passion to create the teams, provide services that make you win, that make your business thrive.

Our Values.

"Us" over "Me"

We encourage independent decision-making that brings good for the whole group.

We know that sometimes it requires courage.

We encourage cross-functional thinking and we share results.


We want to bring a WOW factor into anything we do.

We surround ourselves with high-performing people and the best options.

We сontinuesly challenge our approaches and tools to keep the bar high.

Champion's Mindset

We dream big, think big and go big.

We are curious and eager to take smart risks.

We grab opportunities and turn them into wins.

Stay Human

We stay human in every situation we face.

We embrace feedback-giving and -taking as the way to improve.

We promote the culture of honesty.

Speed is Our Great Asset

We believe that speed is our advantage over competition.

We move fast when each of us runs their mile fast.

We are eager to simplify in order to move faster.

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