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How Artificial Intelligence is making an impact on Content Marketing

AI & Content Marketing

We’ve heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the future to overtake human duties and replace them with human-like robots. But can they manage to match the creative minds of content marketers? AI is fully embedded into our day-to-day digital marketing tasks. From pushing the right content to the right people; to automatically ranking our content. Whether it is SEO of YouTube or automated rankings of Google content— AI is useful. You should not have any doubt in mind regarding the importance of AI in the current digital age.

But, they still rely on human-controlled maneuverings and are not fully independent to carry various functions. Do robots contain capabilities to fully automate marketing activities without needing any human regulations? Well, it is tricky. We have tried to bring forth this aspect of AI. And we will try to unfold different dimensions of a fully AI automated marketing system— its pros and cons, and the possible future.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

How AI works: unfolding an automation loop

If you look to your adjacent sides, you will find AI as part of your daily life dealings. Have you ever wondered how auto-pilot mode in flights works? Did you ever wonder about cars being controlled by computers and not drivers? How does YouTube suggest us videos based on our likings? We come across different FB profiles in the Friend suggestion tab. How? Amazon recommends its top-rated products to people in need of it. How?

Answers to all the above questions are simple— AI.

AI tracks and keeps an eye on each individual who is in use of computerized machinery. The automation mode enables various applications or online platforms to gather information. And based on that info, users get to see things they desire the most. So, the working of AI is simple, isn’t it?

Now let’s turn to its role in marketing strategies.

Highlighting the role of AI in Marketing

Marketing is a synonym of competitiveness— and to remain on top of the game— a content marketer must know the new trends and new norms regarding changing needs of consumers. As the world is in constant flux, people change their needs each day, and with this, the marketing trends also vary. AI can help in a way that you can promote your products & make changes accordingly; if you know what is trending. Moreover, an automated computerized system also helps in marketing purposes, such as personalized ads and marketing through emails to attract more traffic to your brand.

Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

AI is beneficial in content marketing as well. It can save tons of time in methods and techniques we use again and again. AI can help in the following way:

we can find keywords, search suitable topics for audiences, and share published content on different social media platforms. Humans can focus more on writing top-notch and unique content with more efficiency if AI robots or applications take over these easy yet time-taking processes.

However, there is a different thought among AI experts that it can produce and write engaging content. You can achieve these results if robots are fully trained with various training programs. These include deep learning, neural networks, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and natural language generation (NLG).

Personalization of content using AI

Providing the right content for the right audience is highly essential to growing in terms of content marketing. For this purpose, AI can help immensely to bring forth personalized content worldwide. This process of forwarding content based on geographical locations is called demographic data. And it is a primary part of AI research.

Besides demographic information, AI can also produce behavioral data. This is mainly utilized to know the behavior and needs of different users. What they consume, and what they like to read or buy. It helps in increasing sales for major brands.

In this way, AI is of immense help in optimizing the right content and right items at the right place to increase traffic and sell a brand.

Final Thoughts

A few applications enable users to replicate the same content with different words— such as content spinning software and grammar applications. But, most of the content consuming audience find it off. As creativity is a virtue of humans and it is hard to pears that ability into robots.

However, a few AI experts are hopeful that even machines can learn creativity. However, it may take a considerable time when robots overtake the job of human marketers. Till then— we should definitely utilize what is useful & constructive AI uses in Content Marketing.

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